How this supermum became a super football coach
31 January 2018

How this supermum became a super football coach

Supermum Carol Williams says she loves the bond football has created between her and her sons.

The mother of four boys, who coaches her second born son Charlie for Berriew FC U9s, in Mid Wales, said: “I love coaching for the enjoyment the kids get out of it.

“I love the way they keep turning up every week and they always enjoy it. It’s just great.”

Carol says Charlie, and his older brother George, are the reason for her life-changing decision to take-up football coaching.

She said: “I played a bit of football when I was younger but I wanted to get more involved in the community and football gave Charlie a chance to be with his friends in the evenings.”

When Charlie was just four, Berriew FC Juniors’ award winning Head Coach Paul Inns asked Carol if she could run a team for him and his young friends.

She said: “Starting off coaching the little ones was quite a challenge at first but I’ve gone through the journey with my son and we’re both really enjoying it."

Until she gave birth to twin boys recently, Carol was juggling the pressures of being a mum and her stressful job in accounts with evening training sessions and weekend matches.

But she wouldn’t have it any other way.

She said: “It does keep me very busy but the children love it and it helps keep me fit and it's a nice way to wind down after a week working in the office.

“It gives me a great perspective as the kids just come along to have fun.”

Carol completed her Football Leaders Award at the start of her coaching journey and has ambitions to one-day step-up to the FAW C Certificate, safe in the knowledge that her new arrivals mean her coaching days will probably last for some time yet.

She said: “I’m quite happy where I am at the moment and I enjoy working with the kids but the C Certificate is something I would like to do in the future.

“I’m always looking for new ideas to help keep the kids involved, keep their enthusiasm up and keep them coming back.

“I love sharing ideas with other coaches and adapting them for my own players.”