Fun Football

How to get involved in our McDonald’s Fun Football scheme.

Fun Football is a partnership programme run by the FAW Trust and McDonald’s, which regulates informal football activities, run by accredited clubs and organisations.


What is Fun Football?

It's an organised form of informal football, which usually takes the form of 'turn up and play' or 'skill development through creative football practice.'

The programme guarantees high-quality, well-run and sustainable sessions that provide the lifeblood of grassroots football in Wales.

To be a part of the programme, clubs or organisations need to get accreditation to demonstrate to players, parents, sponsors and the public that they offer a well-organised and safe environment and everybody gets the chance to play.

How to get accredited

The FAW Trust and McDonald's have relaunched the Fun Football Programme, to give a greater focus on supporting our accredited grassroots clubs (Gold and Silver Award) and Welsh Premier League clubs.

The programme's core aim is still to boost participation and engagement, while also creating additional income opportunities for the clubs involved.

Why should my club get involved?

There are many additional benefits of the relaunched McDonald's Fun Football Programme, which include:

  • Reduced Annual Price of £120
  • £150 of Precision Training equipment
  • £150 FAW coach education voucher
  • Online Promotion and Marketing
  • Resource toolkits
  • Training workshops
  • Brand association
  • Ongoing support from FAW Trust Staff

The application process has also been simplified and can be downloaded here

McDonald's Fun Football Camp - Prestatyn Town
McDonald's Fun Football Camp - Prestatyn Town

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Fun Football Application
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