Many local football clubs enjoy using new kit and equipment, but if your club fell victim to fire, flood, theft or vandalism, would it be protected? Could the future of the club even be at risk?

Here, our insurance partners Watkin Davies take you through what you need to know.

Your public liability insurance is covered by the FAW

Public liability is covered by your membership of the FAW, but your physical assets are not.

Leasing your ground from the council will not protect you

Many football clubs rent their club house, changing rooms and ground from the local council, but often a club's lease will be a 'full repairing lease', which means that if the council's buildings were damaged by a flood, fire or break-in, the club could be left with a hefty bill to put things right.

Football Club House, even if the council does retain responsibility for the buildings and grounds, it will only cover the assets owned by them and in the condition they were in at the beginning of the lease. If your club has carried out improvements or installed specialist surfaces, you will still need your own cover.

As well as buildings and grounds, most clubs will have other assets that would need to be replaced if lost; Cups and Trophies, General Contents, Gymnasium Equipment, Grounds Maintenance Equipment etc. We've produced a handy checklist, so you can work out just how much your club could be out of pocket if these goods were damaged, stolen or destroyed. You might be surprised at how the cost of replacing these assets adds up. (link to checklist)

Fundraising challenges

How long would it take for you to raise the funds to put things right if the worst happened? Would your team be able to continue in the meantime? How would the community feel about losing the items they have donated to the club or worked hard to fund?

Local football experts

At Watkin Davies, we're passionate about football. That's why we've teamed up with the FAW Trust to support Welsh football at the grassroots level. Members of our team regularly, play, watch and support the game, so they understand the efforts that go into running a local team.

Money can be tight in a small club, with a lot of work put into fundraising. We want to help you keep your costs down, so we offer cover tailored to your club's individual needs.

Cover can include:

  • Buildings and outbuildings including glass
  • Non-standard outbuildings – such as secure containers
  • Flood lights
  • Grandstands
  • Damage to playing surfaces
  • Gymnasium equipment
  • Kits, trophies, balls and training equipment
  • Contents, plant & grounds maintenance equipment
  • Computer / CCTV
  • Stock, sales stock and bar stock including frozen stock
  • Goods in transit
  • Loss of liquor licence
  • Legal expenses

You can also spread the payments with direct debit to avoid those unexpected expenses.